Ester and Erik Scented Candle with Wooden Lid – Frederik


This beautifully scented candle comes in a stylish black glass jar with a beautifully engraved wooden lid.  It is stunningly presented in a little drawstring bag and comes complete with its own matches!


Way out west, where the gentle mist from the marsh meets the storms of The North Sea, you will find the essence of Frederik, a fragrance full of green notes and the myths of a torn landscape.

The nature

The Danish marshland is a unique peace of nature, a scenic, flat landscape formed by the great powers of the tide and the severe storms crossing in from the North Sea.

The name

The name FREDERIK has been a royal name in Denmark since the 16th century and is still very popular and common. The king to-be in Denmark, the firstborn son of Queen Margrethe 2, is also called Frederik.

Cassie, Estragon, Leaves, Green and white flowers, Ozonic, Musk

1 wick
45-50 hours burning time

Ester & Erik is a family-founded company with a long tradition for good craftsmanship and beautiful handmade candles designed with dedication and care. Since 1987 when Ester & Erik established the company the principles for making the perfect candle have never changed – and the focus still is “Quality first, always”.

With a natural scent of Nordic nature, the candles from Ester & Erik represent the affection for Danish traditions and the dedication to pure, Nordic fragrances. The essence of Denmark – shaped and characterised by a long history of Kings and Queens and the incredible forces of nature.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 cm

Glass and wax


Glass colour black


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