Laurent Trebout – Project Us


‘Project Us’ A ceramic man and woman sit peacefully side by side on a swing made of wire on a black wooden base.

The piece is lit to cast a shadow of the couple and the swing behind them. It is a very romantic piece. Ideal as a wedding gift.

We’re so excited to welcome the work of French artist, Laurent Thiboult, to The English Listed gallery this month.

Since we first met Laurent back in January 2018, he has been incredibly busy producing work for us and we’re now proudly display four of his pieces in the gallery.

You can read more about Laurent’s work in this lovely interview translated from French design blog Clem around The Corner. 

Laurent Trébout has had a varied past career ranging from a physicist, then a salesman and finally a computer scientist.  he was first captivated by photography before embarking on ceramics and finally turning to sculpture as a passion.  His artistic aesthetic has evolved from a colourful period, followed by a more introspective darker phase which has in turn lead to a phase that he now describes a “romantic”.

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Dimensions 22 × 24 × 52 cm

black and white




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