The home of sympathetic and meaningful architecture 

Welcome to The English Listed. We can build on your ideas, or even just your excitement to transform or extend your home and meet your buildings potential. Our Architectural designers can create the vision, we can take you all the way through the planning process, we can guide you all the way through the build and design the interiors. We can project manage and even complete the build. We also have an award-winning joinery workshop near Cambridge offering outstanding doors and windows with a 50 year guarantee.

The English Listed is where conservation architecture meets modern living and a commitment to the environment with innovative, passive low-energy design. Our mission is to bridge the gap between history and sustainability, preserving the past while shaping a greener future.

Our designers understand that our architectural heritage is a precious link to our collective identity. With a reverence for the stories held within historic structures, we embark on a journey to restore, renew, and reinvigorate while honouring the intricate narratives that define our built heritage.

But our vision doesn't stop at preservation; it extends to transformation. We breathe new life into time-honoured spaces through the lens of sustainable, timeless design. Our approach is not just about buildings - it’s about the needs, wants and responsibilities of the people living within them.

Through meticulous orientation, strategic material choices, and an understanding of airflow and daylight, we attempt to weave eco-conscious solutions into every thread of our designs. This creates comfortable and efficient spaces, with a positive effect on the financial forecast for our clients alongside that of the environment.


Case Studies

Modern Rustic


Cathedral Of Light


Corten & Larch Studio


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Fine Bespoke Joinery for Historic, Contemporary &
Passive Projects

Accoya joinery coupled with LandVAC Vacuum glass and specialist paint systems means we can achieve 50 year guarantees and 20 year maintenance cycles. Low embedded carbon and an extended life span makes our joinery planet positive.

Bespoke designers and fabricators of corten doors and windows 

Made from Corten, Brass & Copper, Elyzien design and manufacture high performance, treble glazed thermally broken or solid doors from raw metals which naturally form a beautiful patination to the surface. Virtually maintenance free in any weather or environment and featuring high security Wink Haus locks and traditionally-crafted Dauby ironmongery, Elyzien doors will add a rarefied beauty to architectural projects contemporary and traditional alike.



Consultation is integral to our approach; it consistently makes sure that you’re happy with the end results. It is a practice we adopt with design professionals and building owners alike.